Why would I choose a Disability Representative over a lawyer?

We, at Disability Specialists, strive to deliver the best customer service possible. When you call our office, you will reach a live person. Every effort is made to answer your question without putting you through to voicemail.

Disability Specialists can help you with your claim at every step of the way. Our competitors often do not have the resources to take your claim beyond the hearing with the administrative law judge. To that end, we have a team of attorneys we work with that can take your claim all the way to Federal District Court, if necessary.

Along those same lines, most of our competitors will refer you to someone else if you move out of state. Disability Specialists can continue with your claim even if you move. We believe so strongly in advocating for our clients that we have sent our representatives to the furthest corners of the country to represent them during their hearings.

At Disability Specialists, we do not pick and choose claims based on the amount of money we will make and we often take on pro bono claims.

We have been in business since 1989, and we have nurtured an excellent working relationship with staff at hearings offices across the Midwest. We have developed a long-lasting level of trust and professionalism with judges and Social Security offices across the nation.

Lastly, we have a contract with the Department of Human Services which allows us to waive fees if you are receiving certain state funding. This can make our service free of charge!

Representative Kelly Blad
Representative Kelly Blad