Update Your Case Information

Help Us Win Your Case!

Please update your case information at Disability Specialists every time that:

  • Your state Disability Determination Service (DDS) or the Social Security Administration calls you.
  • You receive anything in the mail from your state DDS or the Social Security Administration
  • You receive any letter, form, questionnaire from your state DDS or the Social Security Administration.
  • You receive a Notice of Decision from your state DDS or the Social Security Administration.
  • You visit a new doctor.
  • You are hospitalized.
  • Your doctor adds an additional diagnosis or changes your diagnosis.
  • Your doctor changes your prognosis.
  • You change your name, address, phone number, or email address.
  • Your employer changes your job, your place of employment, or the number of days or hours that you work per pay period.
  • You stop working for an employer.
  • You resume working for a previous employer.
  • You start working for a new employer.

Medical Updates

The Social Security Administration uses a claimant’s medical records to evaluate the severity of the claimant’s impairments. Cases are usually won or lost based on the medical evidence. Use the button below to tell us of your medical appointments so we can make sure that the Social Security Administration has your latest medical records.

Address, Phone Number, and Email Address Changes

Social Security disability benefits are paid in all 50 US States and US commonwealth, possessions, and territories. Disability Specialists will help you no matter where you live if we can maintain contact with you. So, use the button below to tells us about changes to your address, phone numbers, and email address.