Ten Reasons to Apply for Social Security Disability Now

1. Save years of delay

The earlier in the Social Security Disability claims process that we assist you, the more likely you are to win your disability claim. Claimants who start the claim on their own are more likely to give up and abandon it or face delays of a year or more for a hearing or appeal.

2. Increased monthly income

If you have a severe disability, then you might be missing out on a monthly cash benefit that you could use to improve your health by buying healthier food, better clothing, and other essentials. This income is in addition to Worker’s Compensation, sick leave, and other benefits and it increases when Social Security pays an annual cost of living adjustment.

3. Maximum monthly income

We ensure that if you qualify for a cash disability benefit, then you are paid the maximum benefit to which you are legally entitled. Without our help, you might fail to get payment for ancillary beneficiaries depriving your family of badly needed cash income.

4. Maximum past due cash benefit

The sooner we start your application, the less likely that you will be denied a portion the cash benefits to which you are entitled. It can take years to win a disability claim. When the benefits are finally awarded, the past due amount is paid as a lump sum to the beneficiary. That can be a very large windfall for low income persons. Unfortunately, the law limits past due benefits to 24 months no matter how long the person has been entitled to them and even if the delay was caused by Social Security’s slow system. The cash that should’ve been paid for earlier months is permanently lost.

5. Less taxable income

Applying now can lower your taxable income and reduce your income tax bill while providing you with more spending money. Benefits paid from an employer-provided long-term disability plan for which the employee paid no premiums are taxable upon receipt. Social Security disability benefits reduce the amount paid from a long-term disability insurance plan but only half of the disability benefits are taxable.

6. Increased retirement & survivors’ benefits

If you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, then your Social Security earnings record is frozen for the period of your disability. Those years are excluded from future benefit computations. That often results in higher Social Security retirement benefits for you.

7. Medicare coverage

The longer you delay applying for disability benefits, the longer you must wait to qualify for Medicare. People with a severe disability and insured status usually qualify for Medicare helping you obtain healthcare services. Unfortunately, you must receive Social Security disability benefits for 24 months before becoming eligible for Medicare coverage.

8. Medicaid coverage

The longer you delay applying for disability benefits, the longer you must wait to qualify for Medicaid coverage. If you’re not eligible for Medicaid, then you might be eligible for Medicare. Some people are even eligible for both. Apply now so that you can afford the health care that you need.

9. Return to work assistance

Social Security provides a nine-month trial-work period that allows you to attempt to return to work while still receiving full Social Security benefits. Also, Medicare benefits continue even after you return to work.

10. Better housing sooner

After we obtain Social Security disability benefits for you, you can move to the front of the line for subsidized housing.